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As a mother tongue teacher, I think reading is the best way to literacy (գրագիտություն). The book not only takes a person to a wonderful world, but it is also the most effective way to be literate. This is the reason (պատճառը), why I have dedicated (նվիրել) one of the 5 hours of the native language to reading. Every Friday we spend the mother tongue lesson with my students in the Tigran Hayrapetyan library of the educational complex. Students choose the book they are interested in and read. Sometimes they tell about what they read in class, sometimes they write on their blogs. I find it very important for my students to interact (շփում) with the book, as many learners take the book home with them after reading it. And the students who are not fond of reading, turn the pages of the books, look at pictures, read small explanations (բացատրություն) written next to the pictures, communicate like that. 

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