Read the following short texts and express your opinion

Learning English

English is the international language nearly all over the world. Hundreds of millions of people are trying to learn English. Some people think that learning English should be in the same way little children learn their mother tongue. They shouldn’t learn grammar rules. They should only listen to others when they speak English and try to understand and repeat what they say.

What is your opinion? Which is the best way of learning English?

I think that in order to learn a new language, it is not enough to know only words, you also need to know some linguistic structures of that language, and some grammatical rules. 

II. Good luck or hard work?

Some people believe in good luck. They think that no matter how hard you work you won’t be a success in life if you are unlucky. Others think that it is only hard work that can lead you to the fulfillment of your dream.

Good luck is very important for success, but without good luck you can hardly succeed. We often see that a person works hard, but still does not succeed. That’s why I think good luck is the key to success. That is why people wish «good luck» when they part with each other, not «hard work».

What is your opinion?

III. When did you last do something first?

The life of the old is not so interesting because they rarely remember when they last did something first. On the other hand, young people’s lives are interesting as they can experience something new nearly every day. So, when did you last do something first? You can write about the latest discovery you made or about a small invention you did. You can also write about a new skill or knowledge you gained recently.

I did something first two months ago. I drove a car. I do not have a driver’s license and every day I drive the car I discover a new world, new opportunities for myself.