I think home schooling is great. I wish my parents had done this. The idea of never going to school sounds too good to be true. I hated school. I wanted to stay at home every day. I really wouldn’t have minded staying at home and studying. Of course, you need to be careful not to forget studying. One thing about home schooling I like is visiting museums or watching documentaries to learn more. This is so much better than learning in school. I think my learning at school suffered because there were many kids who didn’t want to learn. I could have got better marks if I had stayed at home. Perhaps there’ll be more home schooling in the future because of the Internet.

Answer the questions

What is your opinion about home schooling?

All children need to go to school, because a child not only needs knowledge, but also human communication․ Man acquires (ձեռք է բերում) most of his skills (հմտություններ) through ordinary communication (սովորական շփում).

Did you like going to school when you were a kid-երեխա, (a teenager-դեռահաս)?

I always loved to go to school. I studied at our educational complex and loved it very much. I had very good teachers, and my school days were very interesting.

What can you say about home schooling during pandemic?

I think the organization of education during the pandemic stimulated family education․ The children understood that self-education is also a powerful tool (հզոր գործիք), and education should not be connected only with the school and teacher ․